Q: I own/manage a gallery, gift shop or boutique. How do I do buy Featherwood jewelry?

A: Call or email me anytime. Unless there’s another account close by you’re welcome to try a first order on

     approval, risk free net 30 days. Consignment can also work. Minimum order is 12 pairs of earrings.

Q: What’s lead time for orders?

A: I try to keep inventory on hand and can usually fill small orders in one to two weeks, often sooner. Lead time can 

     be up to three or four weeks if I’m especially busy, typically April-November. Advance orders get priority.

Q: How do you ship and what are shipping costs?

A: As the products are very light weight they ship easily by first class mail. Larger orders ship by

     priority mail. Postage is a flat $3.00 for first class, priority is whatever the USPS charges for your zone.

Q:  I don’t own/manage a gallery, gift shop or boutique. How do I do business with you?

A:  Well, open yourself up a cool brick and mortar store with a catchy name and then call me. Really, if you’re unable

      to visit and support one of the locations representing my work, get in touch and I’ll try to help with another solution.

Q: Do you exhibit at craft shows?

A:  Used to, but not in a long time, I like being home!

Q: Where can I find Featherwood jewelry?

A:  Here!

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